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Villa Mara

located in the best possible location

Villa Mara Adriatic coast

Villa Mara Adriatic coast

The Villa Mara Resort

With stunning scenery looking over the gorgeous beaches of  Adriatic Sea, Villa Mara Resort is situated in a great location with a first to the sea. The direct and easy access to the beach will allow you to enjoy the maximum amount of comfort, privacy and a welcoming invitation to the sea, meant only for you.

The Villa Mara Resort includes two contemporary and beautifully designed and architected houses with enormous panoramic windows which offer you a mesmerizing view to the sea below. The resort is made of only the best of materials with absolutely no compromise on quality and taking one good look at the resort is sure to prove to you that we are not even close to exaggerating. The high walls will provide residents with added privacy in their peaceful lives at the Villa Mara Resort. And as if the clear blue waters of Adriatic Sea were not enough, the Villa also has a built in pool measuring about 34 meters square. The gorgeous house is painted in all the right colors for a refreshing and calm look. Whether you want to retire here with your spouse to live a peaceful, yet enticing life everyone begs for in their retirement age – or, you can make it a perfect family home with little children running about in the safety of their own home, but never getting bored of their scenic lives.

The Villa Mara Resort also has a pier with a built in berth for a small yacht with which you can go on fishing trips either alone, or with your family for some soothing bonding time. It is a fully enclosed independent house measuring at the size of 207 meters square by 83.86 meters square, with delineation of the inner atrium and the swimming pool. Altogether, the Villa Mara Resort forms a homely environment for all sorts of families and even allows for an easy sharing on a stand-alone unit. So basically, the purchase of this house is also very much suitable to all those people who would love to have children living with them, or their parents and even friends, but with a separate division for more privacy for both the parties.

The Villa Mara Resort is located in the best possible location and comes under the vicinity of the popular Hotel Kempinski which has a humongous golf course for extra entertainment purposes with 18 holes. The Portoroz airport is online at a 15 minute drive which makes it a great and suitable holiday spot, as well, if you wish to rent it out later on. And if this was not enough for entertainment and locational feature, the Villa Mara Resort is only one and a half hours away from Venice and Ljubljana!

All this packed into one property makes it a great catch and one that should not be delayed or missed, in any case! You can come visit the house, as is recommended, before purchase to fully satisfy yourself and others!  Contact us: abcv@abc.si




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